Giving seafood as a gift, whether it’s a crab crawl or a fresh sashimi plate, means using reputable fish dealers locally or online. They must follow a fish safety guide or state and federal guidelines. Many online retailers follow all safety precautions when delivering your order. Fresh sashimi is raw pieces of very fresh fish with no seasoning or rice. The Japanese serve it over a bed of radishes. Most vendors use saltwater fish because it is less likely to have contamination like fresh water fish.

It is often prepared using salmon, tuna, and yellowtail. When searching for crab legs or sashimi, look for the best fresh seafood market online. Be sure they sell healthy sustainable fish before ordering. Sashimi plates can be served with soy sauce or wasabi sauce. It is often thinly sliced and uses the highest quality seafood available. A sashimi plate may use many different types of seafood.

Whether you order fresh crab legs or sashimi find a market with a good fish list and that follows safety rules. They should pack the fish in ice and delivery should be prompt. Your order should arrive chilled and ready to put in the freezer or refrigerator. These are important thing to consider.


Gifting seafood can bring a personal and unique present to someone that you care about. If you know a seafood aficionado, gifting seafood like stone crabs can give them a memorable treat. Stone crabs are a popular Gulf Coast seafood, especially in Florida. They are known for the flavorful meat of their claws, much in the same way that lobsters are known for the thick and hearty meat of their tails.

If you want stone crabs or are interested in sending a special someone stone crab claws, the challenge with getting them is that they are seasonal. Stone crab season starts on the fifteenth of October and lasts through May fifteenth in Florida. Gifting seafood like stone crabs may not be a possibility all year, but the season does at least occur during the main holiday season in December. Stone crab claws make a solid, high quality gift for the seafood lovers that you know.

Stone crab claws can be eaten in a variety of ways and with a variety of dishes, but generally they are eaten in a classic shellfish manner. Generally, they are eaten with butter, like most kinds of shellfish, or with a classic mustard sauce. However, it is a flavorful meat that you or anyone you are gifting it to can eat in whatever manner you or they prefer. You do not have to settle. If you are planning a fancy dinner for family or friends, having stone crab claws be a part of it is sure to please and to satisfy your guests. Whether you are gifting seafood or just looking for something new and exciting to try yourself, stone crab claws are a quality seafood that will rise to the occasion. Just remember to get them while they are still in season. Research more here: