Whiskey barrels are used during the aging process of whiskey. These barrels play a significant role in developing different tastes of whiskey. As shown in the video, the first and foremost thing is finding the best oak wood. These are also known as oak whiskey barrels. It requires painstaking scrutiny to manufacture the oak whisky barrels.

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First, the fresh-cut white American oak is sourced from all over the country via an all-expense-paid trip. The oak wood should be dry to transform it into oak whiskey barrels. The wood is passed through various machines to give it a barrel shape as shown in the video.

The wood is exposed to different elements that play a significant role in enhancing the flavor of whisky and stabilizing its bitter tannic acid. Then the wood is stacked in a giant hot box that is a warehouse-sized kiln. Workers then give it a makeover and make it secure and watertight. After this, roasting of oak wooden barrels is processed. The workers normally put it on 1500 degrees Fahrenheit which caramelized the sugar in the wood which plays a vital role in adding more flavor to the whisky. This will ensure that your whiskey is tasting as smooth as possible. .