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The brunch meal has become a popular after wedding tradition in the United States. While brunch first started in England and took approximately 30 years to make it to the U.S., it is more popular than ever today. A lot of your wedding planning efforts are probably spent on planning the perfect wedding reception. How can you ensure that your brunch event is just as special? These tips will help you to make your brunch special for everyone involved.

Think about your guests

While the wedding reception is a celebration of you and your new spouse, the brunch event is about thanking your guests. When planning the brunch, consider your guests and what could make their stay better. Traditionally, the guests that are invited to the brunch are important bridal party members or family members that traveled in from out of town. These are the people that spent the most to make your wedding day perfect. These are the guests that took vacation time or made special arrangements to be there for your wedding. Make sure you keep them in mind when planning the perfect brunch event.

Consider the brunch menu

While some brunch specials will have previously planned menus, some venues will let you choose your own brunch menu. During a survey, about 67% of respondents stated that ethic inspired breakfast and brunch items (e.g. Asian flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, coconut milk pancakes) was a hot trend for restaurant menus in 2015. However, this is your family brunch and you will want to think about your families eating preferences before choosing a menu. If you do not care about the specifics of the menu, consider leaving the brunch special planning to a trusted family member.

Give family gifts at this event

Sometimes, bridal party gifts are given at the rehearsal dinner. These gifts are a way of thanking the bridal party for all of their work. There is not really a good time to gift family gifts. The brunch special might be a good time for this. You can also consider giving gifts to those family members that flew in from out of town. If they are staying in town for a few more days, a day on the golf course might be a good gift idea. You could even pay for their golf equipment rental. If you had a golf course wedding, you might even get a discount on these items.

Request an all inclusive wedding package

If you are holding your wedding reception and brunch special at the same location, you can request an all inclusive wedding package. If possible, you might even want to throw in the rental of the room for the rehearsal dinner also. Planning a wedding can be expensive and every little cost matters. In 2013, brides spent an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners (up from $1,135 in 2012) and $457 on their morning after brunch (up from $429 in 2012). With all of these added costs, opting for a wedding package can make the entire event more affordable.

Spend the day with your guests, if possible

Traditionally, the couple left their wedding reception early to begin their honeymoon travels. Today, more and more couples are staying for the entire reception. If you are also planning a brunch for your guests, consider attending this event too. Your out of town guests will appreciate the extra chance to visit with you and your new spouse. Weddings can be busy and overwhelming and you might not get to spend as much time with certain people.

A wedding usually includes numerous celebratory events. There is the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and most recently, the bridal brunch. The bridal brunch is the last event of the wedding celebration season, so make sure you are giving it enough planning attention too.