It is no secret that recycled and reclaimed wood is popular. In fact more than two million tons of wooden pallets were recycled in 2015 and wood makes up to 30% of waste produced from construction products. Since it can take hardwood trees up to 60 years to mature, it makes sense that it’s practical and earth friendly to utilize recycled and reclaimed wood, such as reclaimed spruce. Read below to see other benefits of choosing reclaimed wood over other popular options.


Everyone knows that when you choose reclaimed wood over new wood you are going to pay more for it. Things such as reclaimed spruce and other reclaimed woods are great choices for those who are price conscious, but still want quality. Considering this, it is important to consider how much it is. While you should have a general idea of what you would pay for this type of wood, you should not be paying such low prices that it makes you question the quality of the wood or the seller. Ensure that the price matches what others would charge for the same quality wood, otherwise there could be some underlying issues that the seller is not disclosing to you.


It is important to ask questions and inquire about the wood that you are going to get. Some wood could be treated with harmful chemicals in order to extend the life, or even to repel pests in it. Others could be painted, however the paint could contain lead. This can be extremely toxic and lead to severe problems, especially for those with smaller children around. Always ask and make sure that the wood such as reclaimed spruce is free of toxins or dangerous chemicals. This is especially important if you are going to treat the wood yourself with something.

Gently Used

You can benefit from buying gently used wood because of the price, but you should ensure that the wood is only gently used. Choosing gently used wood helps ensure that the piece has already been used, therefore it has been broke in, and may even have some scratches or other wear and tear. this can be extremely beneficial for those with kids, because it can knock the price down significantly while still keeping most of the original quality. Things such as solid wood table tops are excellent pieces to buy gently used, especially if you have smaller children in the house.

When you choose reclaimed wood you are making a wise decision that benefits you. Your choice will last for years and withstand most wear and tear better than other wood options on the market today. Considering all of your options can lead you to this options, which just makes sense.