The retail value of the United States coffee market is estimated to be $48 billion dollars with specialty comprising approximately 55% value share. The average American loves their coffee and loves to visit coffee shops. However, they often overlook how they consume coffee and even in some cases soup. So here are all of the random facts on coffee, paper, and soup!

The United States imported about 27.5 million bags of coffee in 2014, accounting for almost one-quarter of global coffee un-roasted imports, making it the world’s largest single buyer. This high amount of coffee bag demand leads to, obviously, a large consumption of coffee. But this coffee cannot be consumed with the use of a white paper cup!

Recent statistics show that American consumers drank on average 1.64 cups of coffee per day. Plus, specialty coffees represent 37% of United States coffee cups and are considered the highest quality in the world. All of these types of drinks are consumed, for the most part, inside of a paper cup!

There are two primary types of coffee, Arabica, and Robusta, and the vast majority of coffee used in the specialty industry is of the Arabica type. Just about 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drink espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced and cold coffees. Even these specialty drinks are designed to be consumed by drinkers in wholesale coffee cups which are usually paper cups!

Independent coffee shops have $12 billion in annual sales. In order to make money in the process of selling coffee, these independent shops need to get an edge on huge corporations like Starbuck sand so on. So they may use a paper cup to serve their customers.

The average coffee cup size is 9 ounces. This is the right sized drink for people who are looking to consume coffee and furthermore, it is the perfect size for a paper cup. So make sure you consume your coffee in plain white paper cups!

Just about 30% of the population drinks coffee occasionally. However, there are some people who are more in the group of hardcore coffee drinkers. They may not utilize paper cups because they are drinking at home and will use mugs and such.

Almost 65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, 30% between meals, and the remaining 5% with other meals.
Keep in mind that 35% of coffee drinkers prefer black coffee whereas almost 65% prefer to add sugar and/or cream. Independent coffee shops manage to sell 31% of espresso-based drinks, while the rest is brewed coffee. Be sure to get the right kind of cup for your coffee!

3 to 5 cups of coffee a day can help prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging, leading to a 65 percent decrease in developing Alzheimer’s or dementia, according to a recent study. So drinking coffee out of paper cups has actual health benefits. This is less to do with the type of cup and much more to do with the coffee that is being consumed by the drinker!