DIY Projects You Can Do With Reclaimed Wood Siding

Using old or recycled items is a great way to create new things out of something forgotten. Wood is one of the most common materials used in different projects. In fact, the United States has milled and processed over 3 trillion board feet of lumber since 1900. Even in our ever-changing paperless world wood is […]

The New Age Watering Hole

As the beer industry booms in the United States, domestic beer has taken a back seat to the craft and micro-brewery world. Not only are more people drinking the concoctions but brewers are creating the businesses to fuel that thirst. Additionally, the younger oenophiles and drinkers are thirstier than the older generation, with an average […]

Help Protect Trees By Using Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

Reclaimed wood is wood that is taken from old homes, or barns and repurposed into new useable things. Reclaimed wood chairs and tables are becoming more and more popular, and people even use the material as flooring. There are many things that can be made out of reclaimed wood, and the benefits are worth taking […]

5 Ways To Upgrade and Update Your Restaurant Today

Owning a restaurant is more than just a job. It’s an all-encompassing lifestyle that can rest on the whims and opinions of the public, or sometimes even just a few influential people. It’s hard, hard work to keep a restaurant afloat, and sometimes it can be easy to let aspects of the business fall behind. […]

Stock Up on Ice Cream Supplies for Your Shop

No matter what time of year it is, many Americans enjoy eating ice cream and other frozen treats. It may not be surprising to learn that 90% of households throughout the United States indulge on a regular basis. In fact, research conducted by the NPD Group revealed that 40% of Americans will consume ice cream […]

Chronic Dehydration Affects Millions Of People Every Day Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Regular hydration is the key to healthy living. Sounds basic enough, right? Sadly, chronic dehydration remains one of the most common and most underappreciated issues in the country. That’s even before we touch on issues relating to bacterial contamination, hard water…the works! Your home water dispenser has more work to do than ever and it’s […]

The Delicious History and Health of Cajun Cuisine

When you think of Louisiana, there are probably a few things that immediately come to mind. You’ll no doubt think of the glittering and raucous Mardi Gras celebration; Voodoo, alligators, but most importantly, the food. The food in Louisiana is legendary, and as much as other states try to mimic what the Bayou State does […]

The Number One Investment a Smoothie Business Must Make to Suceed

Starting your own smoothie business or fresh juice bar requires the same business acumen any other company needs to succeed in a competitive market. Yet, there is one key investment that will make a world of difference. A first time business owner would be remiss to not invest in quality smoothie bar equipment, specifically an […]

Mexican Food Benefits Your Diet

When you’re looking to avoid the typical fast food spots, Mexican food restaurants are the way to go. Over the years, Mexican food has become one of the most popular food in the United States. When 2011 rolled around, 38,000 operating Mexican restaurants were made available across the country. While it’s a beloved food, some […]