From the ice cream cup to the paleta to the frozen yogurt soft serve to even gelato, there are certainly many frozen treats out there not only all throughout the world but even just here in the United States as well. Frozen desserts like the ice cream cup are hugely popular during summer months, of course, but are enjoyed all throughout the year as well.

In fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject actually more than backs this up. This data shows that nearly half of all people in the United States (around 40% of them, to be more exact) will eat a serving of ice cream (often in an ice cream cup) at least once every two weeks, twice throughout the month. For many people, however, ice cream consumption is even more frequent than that.

In the month of June, for example, more ice cream is produced than at any other time throughout the year. Throughout the course of this month, then, it is quite likely that people will be indulging in the ice cream cup or ice cream cone on a far more frequent basis. For June is the month where things really begin to get hot in many parts of this country, and an ice cream cup isn’t just delicious, but a truly great way to beat the heat as well.

Of course, the ice cream cup and ice cream in general comes in all different varieties and flavors, meaning that part of the huge popularity of ice cream is its variety. There is a type of ice cream out there for just about everyone. It is the old standby of vanilla, however, that is the most popular ice cream flavor, with more than one quarter of all those who eat ice cream stating that this was their go to. More exotic and complex flavors also exist, from black cherry to mango to cookies and cream and far beyond (there’s even lavender ice cream out there nowadays), but the old favorites remain just that – favorites. You can’t go wrong, after all, with a classic.

And if the typical ice cream cup is not necessarily your thing, and if you perhaps just don’t love ice cream in general, there are still a variety of other frozen treats for you to indulge yourself in. Frozen yogurt, for instance, has become quite popular all throughout the country. In fact, recent data even shows that there are now more than 2,500 frozen yogurt serving stores all throughout the country. Frozen yogurt is not only delicious, after all, but quite a bit better for you than ice cream. Frozen yogurt can still certainly be decadent, but creating a healthy frozen yogurt treat is by and large far easier than the creation of a healthy ice cream treat.

And if you’re just looking for a slightly different taste, consider trying some gelato. Frequently, gelato is thought to be a European specialty, but it is also something that has grown in popular here in the United States. Gelato has less air churned into it than ice cream, with no more than 30% air content (ice cream, on the other hand, sits at around 50%). This makes gelato much denser and can give it a creamier effect, even though gelato can sometimes use as little as 3% total milkfat, while ice cream always uses much more. For many people, this makes gelato the clear choice even over the traditional ice cream cup or cone.

No matter what you prefer, there are certainly a great deal of ways to consume your favorite frozen treats. From the ice cream cup to the cone to the containers of ice cream that you can purchase at your local grocery or even corner store, ice cream and other such frozen treats can be found just about anywhere that you look. For many people, consuming ice cream is quite easy indeed – and it’s no wonder that the average person in the United States will have ice cream more than 28 times throughout just one single year. And some people will certainly even consume it much more regularly than that, too.