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As tastes change in favor of more organic, green, seasonal and local foods, professional catering services are modifying their offerings to match the times. Event, wedding and corporate menus are becoming more flexible to take into consideration individual tastes, location and event themes. Themed events, make your own food bars, and seasonal menus make it easier than ever to plan and carry off a successful event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event.

Catering is changing with the times
Heavy sauces and deep fried foods are being replaced by fresh, sustainable, local options. Many caterers now have food bars that allow guests to create their own plates. Event catering ideas also take into account the holidays and special events. Wedding and corporate menus are adding organic and local foods.

  • Cocktail hours feature small, delicious pieces, like mini skewers with an olive, a grape tomato and a round piece of mozzarella with a drizzle of fresh basil oil; miniature lettuce wraps around savory Thai chicken with peanut sauce.
  • The increasing availability of organic and sustainable ingredients makes it easy to add at least one green course to your event, wedding or corporate menu.
  • Many evening events are adding a late night snack around 10 p.m. This could be a late-night snack bar or a sliders bar.
  • Following popular demand, many caterers now have make your own food bars. Salsa and guacamole bars, taco bars, slider bars, sundae bars, are appearing at more and more weddings and formal events.
  • Day-time events are generally less expensive. Popular options are brunch menus with mimosas, bloody Marys, omelet stations, smoked salmon and more.
  • Themed events are an idea whose time has come. For example, Great Gatsby-inspired weddings, following the popularity of the film, serve tea sandwiches and champagne cocktails instead of a dinner catering menu. Period costume optional.
  • In many ways, things are headed in a simpler direction. For weddings, birthdays and graduations, people are opting for cupcakes, cake pops, crepe cakes, macarons, and pies instead of elaborate cakes.

Menus that match the seasons and holidays
Responding to the concerns that people have for local, sustainable and healthy foods, good caterers are devising seasonal menus that emphasize in-season fruits and vegetables. This guarantees that the food is always fresh and at the peak of taste. Seasonal and event menus can also take into account holidays and special events like the Super Bowl.
Especially for themed parties, some caterers will also take the responsibility for providing the decor, table arrangements and food presentation.

Catering is all about expressing your style
A professional catering service will have several consultations about your event to ensure that their offerings matches your vision. Their recommendations for your event, wedding or corporate menus are based on experience and knowledge. If you expect guests to have any food allergies or restrictions, it’s best to let your caterers know in advance. Your caterers will be aware of all relevant food handling regulations, and their staff will be trained in the correct procedures.
Once you’ve ironed out all the details, all that remains for you to do is to enjoy your event and entertain your guests. Don’t be surprised if you acquire a reputation as a great party-giver. And remember, for good karma, to share the credit with your caterers.