Best hummus recipe

What is hummus you ask? Hummus is one of the healthiest spreadable foods you can eat and finding unique and easy hummus dip recipes and other easy hummus recipes will help you create new and healthy dishes for you and your family to enjoy. Hummus, which is an Arabic word for chickpeas, is high in vitamin C and iron. It also has significant amounts of folate and B6. So, when you spread hummus on a cracker, or put a dollop of roasted garlic hummus dip or roasted red pepper hummus dip in your soup, you can feel good about your food choices because of the low amount of hummus calories. The chickpea was first cultivated by the Phoenicians around 7,000 years ago. Since then, people around the world have been dining on this ancient delicacy. You can buy prepackaged low hummus calories dips and hummus spreads in the supermarket as well as finding hummus dip recipes online. There are tons of hummus dip recipes out there. By searching the Internet or asking your local grocer, you can find hummus dip recipes that are sweet or savory. Some recipes using hummus call for strong spices and oils, while others are very mild. Traditionally, spicy hummus dip recipes call for hummus to be drizzled in an olive oil and sprinkled with paprika or chopped parsley. It’s all a matter of preference. Instead of using heavy creams or beans in chili or soup, hummus can be added as an alternative. Hummus calories are low and there are many ways to prepare this pea treat. No matter how you make it, one thing is certain, hummus is delicious!