Reclaimed wood is wood that is taken from old homes, or barns and repurposed into new useable things. Reclaimed wood chairs and tables are becoming more and more popular, and people even use the material as flooring. There are many things that can be made out of reclaimed wood, and the benefits are worth taking note of.

  • Ecologically Friendly. Probably one of the most appealing draws of reclaimed wood is that it is eco-friendly. The wood used is harvested from old homes, barns, or other wooden structures. This means that no additional trees needed to be cut down to create the new product, which can be a big draw if you are conscious of recycling and protecting the environment. Truthfully, it is something we should all start to be more conscious of, and this is one small step in the right direction.
  • Durability. Surprisingly, reclaimed wood tends to actually be stronger and more durable than wood from newly cut trees. This is because reclaimed wood from old buildings is usually old-growth wood, which means the trees used in original construction tended to be hundreds of years old, and as such is denser and stronger than much of the newer wood used today. This is why reclaimed wood chairs will last you a lifetime, and floors made of the material will as well.
  • Old Growth Wood. This type of wood is unavailable to use today. Most forests with old trees are protected by law, and as such cannot be cut down for wood. (Which to be honest is a good thing.) Using reclaimed wood is the only way to get the durability that these old trees naturally acquire, and as stated above, you are helping to save newer trees by using these reclaimed materials.
  • Aesthetic. Reclaimed wood gives a rustic furniture look to anything made out of it, and it can instantly add character and charm to any room. While many new wood furniture types try to replicate this style with artificial weathering, nothing really beats having real rustic table tops.
  • A Wider Beam. If you are using reclaimed wood as flooring, you will notice that the planks are far wider than modern made ones. This goes back to the fact that the older the wood, the older the tree it came from. Today, due to the demand for wood, trees aren’t allowed to age as long as they had been in the past, meaning thinner, and less durable materials. Reclaimed wood floors, or beams, have an unmistakable thickness that not only looks stunning, but can stand the test of time.
  • Uniqueness.Reclaimed wood gives you a unique look that you just can’t get with new materials. This wood is worn and has personality and history behind it. No matter what you get it made into, it is guaranteed to be 100 percent unique and one of a kind.

Whether you are looking for reclaimed wood chairs, tables, doors, or floors, there are numerous uses for this amazing material. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are getting a piece of furniture that is one of a kind and strong enough to last a lifetime. If you’ve never used reclaimed wood, I strongly urge you to consider the benefits and see what pieces could bring new life to your home.