Americans enjoy their coffee in a variety of ways. While 35% prefer to drink theirs black, 65% reach for the sugar and/or cream. Some Americans prefer milk over cream or choose non-dairy creamers. Another popular variation is mix coffee, which is a combination of coffee and tea. Mix coffee is also enjoyed with sugar as well as dairy or non-dairy creamers.

While 30% of Americans stated that they only drink coffee on occasion, others enjoy it every day. In some instances, individuals, along with friends and family, will enjoy several cups throughout the day. Breakfast is a common time for coffee, and this is when 65% of coffee is consumed. Between-meal coffee drinking amounts to 30% of the overall coffee being consumed and five percent accompanies other meals.

At most independent coffee shops, you’ll usually see a list of espresso-based drinks along with traditional brewed coffee. Approximately half of the population will enjoy a shot or two of espresso or will indulge in a cappuccino, latte, or another variation of iced or cold coffees. Espresso-based drinks tend to comprise 31% of independent coffee shop sales, with the remaining being for brewed coffee.

According to recent statistics, Americans drink an average of 1.64 cups of coffee every day. Even though many individuals drink coffee for a pick-me-up or because they love the flavor, recent studies have shown that it has cognitive and other benefits. When someone drinks three to five cups a day, for example, a recent study showed that this could potentially prevent the cognitive decline that is associated with aging. Furthermore, the study indicated that this could lead to a 65% decrease in the likelihood of a person developing dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease.

When you own and/or operate an independent cafe or bistro, it’s important to have more than enough supplies on-hand. Even though you may anticipate a breakfast or lunch rush, you’d be surprised how late in the afternoon or evening some Americans will drink coffee. If your cafe caters to students or busy executives, for instance, there’s an excellent chance that you are serving customers throughout the entire day and evening. Given this, when you have everything you need to serve your specialty coffee and espresso-based drinks, your customers will remember this return for more.