Commercial single cup coffee maker

Coffee or tea? A common question in many settings in which one party is attempting to make the situation feel welcoming or hospitable for another. The choice between coffee and tea could prove to be a difficult one for some, though many have their strong and steady preferences. Whatever your preference may be, it is hard to deny the pleasant taste and effects of either one. It may even be better to alternate, if you have your favorite flavors of each, to avoid dependence to one or the other. That caffeine kick can be a great help, especially if you have particularly early mornings or full, busy days in general. But that indulgence in coffee or tea becomes much more enjoyable when it is not something that you have to do in order to function normally.

Office coffee supplies for productive companies

Whether your preference is a sweet and delicious specialty coffee, something simple and black, or something floral, fruity, or herbal, chances are you often factor in enough time along your commute to pick up what helps to pick you up and get you going. But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to make that extra stop? There are coffee services for businesses that choose to provide that extra boost on site for their employees. Almost half of workers across the country report feeling that having their coffee aids them in staying on task and productive while on the job. And in fact there are studies that have concluded that consuming just 200 milligrams of caffeine can assist you in more quickly identifying phrases and words than you would otherwise, without the aid of your cup of joe.

Many of the companies that offer caffeine drinks in the office or on the job site often acknowledge the fact that when people have that added boost, the productivity levels of the company as a whole end up getting boosted as well.

The ups and downs of caffeine

The United States Food and Drug Administration, referred to simply as the FDA, has reported that caffeine, such as the amounts found in your favorite coffee, is absorbed and circulates through your body in just 30 minutes to one hour, but the effects can end up lasting for much longer. You could still be feeling that caffeine a good six hours later, and if you stop to take note of how you are feeling it, you might be pleasantly surprised to see that your memory retention and concentration are improved, as a result of the energy levels in your brain getting boosted, improving your overall cognitive performance.

As with any substance, there can be negative effects associated with overconsumption, so it is important to know your body as well as your limits. Focus on getting your morning routine and your work ethic on point in a natural and healthy way, and let that delicious cup of coffee be an occasional indulgence rather than something that you need to function at an acceptable level.

Caffeine in a delicious drink is certainly enjoyable, especially if you can grab a cup at work. But focusing on proper eating and fitness habits, getting enough sleep, and finding natural ways to stay productive and focused will all turn out better for you in the long run.