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Since the days of the Romans, people have been gathering in pubs. Far from being mere drinking halls, pubs have also been important assets to their neighborhoods. They act as local places for residents to gather and gossip and share information about the area. Indeed, this community aspect of pubs is present in the term “Public House” from which the term “Pub” is derived. The central role that pubs play in English life led Samuel Pepys to call them “the heart of England.”

Of course, pubs are not all about serious business. Besides serving alcohol, mainly beer, pubs offered other types of entertainment such as dart boards and pool tables. Some had live music and even dancing, a tradition that continues till this day. Because of the often nefarious nature of the activities that occurred in pubs, their windows were often smoked or frosted to prevent outsiders from seeing in.

Pubs are usually considered different from other types of drinking establishments, such as bars. Differences include that pubs tend to be open earlier, and may also close earlier, than bars. Pubs tend to have a nicer interior decor than bars. Pubs also often serve meals of English or Irish origin. The liquor selection tends to be more extensive at a bar as well. However, now days, the terms are often used interchangeably, and many establishments are hard to classify as exclusively one or the other.

If you would like to find a pub near you, then the internet is a great tool. You can read reviews online that will help you find the best watering hole for you. Also many pubs put their menus online, so you can see if they have any good craft beers. If you are looking to find a good restaurant, then pubs can be a great choice. The laid back atmosphere makes them good restaurants for dates. Many pubs also offer party catering services and bar catering services. Often as part of a party catering service, you can rent the entire establishment for an evening. Find more on this topic here.