Bottleless water coolers

We drink a lot of water, more accurately, we should drink a lot of water. Lets face it, water makes up 55 percent to 78 percent of the human body. That’s water we have to continually replace to keep ourselves hydrated. But far too often, we’re discouraged from drinking water for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons is, our water supplies are horrible and not everyone has a filtration system. Sodas are often cheaper than a bottle of water and most of us know about the bacteria that can live in water coolers. In fact, a Boston Tufts University did a study on that exactly and found that bacteria counts from ten water coolers on their campus found four times the organism limit of 500 that the government recommends. And when you consider how unwieldy and difficult to change that a five gallon water cooler can be, or how much storage space it takes up, wouldn’t you prefer to look into a bottleless water cooler?

By using a bottleless water cooler you can not only save your business, school, or home up to 80 percent over buying bottled water, but you’re ensuring that your employees, students or family are all getting the water that they need. Bottleless water coolers are convenient and cost effective, as well as a great alternative to sugar based drinks that have a variety of negative effects on the body and the teeth.

When you care about the people that you’re providing with a bottleless water cooler, then you can be assured that science and biology are on your side. Water is a cheap, healthy, alternative to any other liquid that we might imbibe during the course of the day. And by providing it, you are ensuring that you are giving the best that you can to the people that matter; and if you are running a business, you can also ensure that you are not paying higher insurance premiums for your employees due to health concerns they acquire from overdosing on high sugar drinks. A bottleless water cooler is the best decision you can make for your home, office or school.
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