Vacuum pouches

Does your company need good packaging options? Are you concerned about combining using the most safe and secure packaging possible with options that are attractive and appealing to customers? You may want to consider form fill seal packaging.

If you are concerned about how the look of your packaging impacts your bottom line, you are being very smart. Marketing professionals note that the kind of packaging you uses can do several things. It can set your brand apart from others on the shelf and in the market. A few years ago, Campbell Soup put out a line of its products in stand up vacuum pouches that looked totally different from the cans that you can find in the soup aisle.

At the same time, it can also help create an emotional bond between your brand and your customer base. Many adults today give their kids juice boxes in part because of the positive feelings and memories they have of drinking out of the boxes as children.

Food packaging containers, as with pharmaceutical packaging, have added rules and regulations associated with them. Food manufacturing companies need to comply with federal food safety rules and regulations and picking the right packaging is a big part of that. It has been estimated that when food is packaged with vacuum sealers, it will last between three and five times longer than when it is stored in other kinds of plastic containers such as bags or other kinds of containers such as plastic clamshell trays.

The importance of proper compliance with safety regulations cannot be overstated. Nearly 48 million people are made sick by foodborne diseases every year. That is one in every six people in the United States. Of those, 128,000 end up in the hospital and almost 3,000 die.

One way to go that has been proven to be safe and effective for food manufacturers is the use of form fill seal machines. These machines are used in multiple industries. This packaging system is an automated one. Their use is quite common among food producers. They have positive applications for a number of industries due to their versatility. They can be used to package a wide variety of products. They can be used for liquid products and solid products, which makes the technology very attractive to so many companies.

How does the form fill seal machine operate?

This is a very quick and efficient system. Basically, the machine has a long, hollow and cylindrical tube. A long roll of plastic packaging is bed through the machine’s tube. Bags are created by sealing sections of the plastic packaging. This is placed on a table. It is filled with product and weighed. When the bag reaches the appropriate weight, the open edge is sealed with heat. The sections are then transported to the next part of the packaging process. While the packaging is being filled with product an inert gas may be used to puff it up to keep it from destroying the product. This is especially important if it is fragile. The gas used also is used to keep any oxygen out of the packaging as that can promote bacterial growth.

Why choose vertical form fill seal machines?

  • They are fast and efficient. This system lets you fill packages quickly and efficiently. More packages can be filled per minute than with other packaging systems. They can handle dozens of packages per minute.
  • They maintain product consistency. Each form fill seal package will have the same amount of product as the one before it and the one after it. When you are putting out product in mass quantities, this can greatly impact your bottom line. If some bags of chips have more or less product you can also have very unhappy customers and that would hurt your brand reputation.
  • They lengthen the shelf life of your product. The gas that most often used is nitrogen. When this is used, the food inside will last longer and that is always a good thing. This means more people will have the chance to find your product and buy it.

The importance of picking the right packaging for your food product cannot be overstated. The very good news about form fill seal packaging is that it looks great and is safe.