Spicy, flavorful, juicy, and worth every penny is what the world has to say about Indian food. If you are in Los Angeles and wondering where to find the best Indian food, we have a strong recommendation for you!

This best Indian restaurant, known as Bombay Frankie Company, is a great place run by siblings Hiram and Priyanka inside their family-owned gas station in Santa Monica. Their primary and popular food serving is the famous Indian street food-Frankie! Frankies are basically flavored and grilled meat that gets wrapped in bread called- Naan along with some veggies, chickpea spread, and sauces generally called ‘Chutney’ and ‘Raita’ in India.

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What adds them to the menu of some of the best Indian Restaurants is their meat texture, flavor, and also how filling they are.

The popularity of this Indian restaurant is purely word-of-mouth and the biggest reason for this is because of how they have retained an authentic taste in their food. For all those vegetarian food lovers, this place is as much good news. You can find yourself an equally delicious and authentic vegetarian Frankie variety with scrumptious fillings of cheese, potatoes, cauliflower, and more!

So, looking for something delicious that is not a burrito? Then you should definitely check out this best Indian restaurant. As a special recommendation, do not forget to try their Chicken Tikka masala Frankie, it’s finger-licking good!.