Gourmet cookie baskets

It’s hard to come by people who don’t love cookies. Whether it’s the classic chocolate chip, the contentious oatmeal, or the savory snickerdoodle, there’s a cookie (or two) out there for almost everyone. In the U.S. alone, 2 billion cookies are consumed annually. That’s 300 cookies per person (close to a cookie a day–move over, apples)! And more than 95% of U.S. households regularly eat cookies. So there’s no denying it–cookies are here to stay.

But let’s face it–cookies have become somewhat boring over the years. As large snack companies continue to grow in size, more and more of the same unexciting packaged biscuits are being produced and sold to the masses. That isn’t to say these companies aren’t trying. In attempts to entice customers, big snack corporations are often trying out new things with varying degrees of success, like adding more filling or subtracting it, changing up the colors each season, experimenting with unique flavors, and so on.

Still, it seems that cookies deserve more than the treatment they’ve been getting for the past several decades, at least by top tier manufacturers. This is because so much can be done with these tasty treats using just a little care and creativity. So if you’re looking to steer clear of the mundane (cookie-cutter, if you will) cookies you’re used to seeing at the grocery store, consider these three tips:

1) Giving the Gift of Cookies

If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas for a close friend or family member, you can always have cookie gift boxes delivered to anyone you deem worthy of such a treat! These gifts are often customizable and can include a message as well. There are cookie gift boxes catered to sports fans and crafted for specific holidays as well. And, of course, you can always have cookie gift boxes delivered to your own home if you’re in the “treat yourself” kind of mood. You can’t really go wrong when you’re the one picking out what goes in the box!

2) Experimenting with Fun Cookie Recipes

The best remedy for the onslaught of uninteresting cookies is to make some interesting ones yourself! If you’re not a master baker and/or you don’t have the energy to come up with crazy new ideas, there are plenty of websites, blogs, pictures, and recipes online to spark some sweet ideas. Ever hear of s’more pudding cookies? How about red velvet cheesecake? There really is no limit to cookie creativity, so start searching!

3) Events Made Sweeter with Decorative Cookies

Maybe the cookie itself isn’t always the problem–maybe it’s the environment in which it’s being enjoyed. That is to say, making an event out of eating cookies can revitalize the whole experience. For instance, if you’re thinking of a fun party idea, try a cookie contest, wherein each guest must bring a tray of cookies they made and the group votes on their favorite(s). Whoever wins could keep the whole pot (or at least reserve bragging rights for the night)!

The event doesn’t have to revolve around cookies either. Just about any occasion can be sweetened by the inclusion of cookies, of course. Wedding receptions are typically filled with all kinds of decorative cookies, as are birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, and so on.

For all the joy and sweetness they bring to our lives and tastebuds, cookies deserve our respect. Whether you have cookie gift boxes delivered to yourself or a loved on, experiment with new ingredients and recipes, or hold your very own cookie contest, you’ll be reciprocating the love that cookies deliver to all of us. Enjoy!