Franklin bbq smoker

Headed down to the Home Depot bbq sale? A lot of people in America are. Statistics say that 5.5% of us are grilling more often than once a week! And while we normally think of grilling as a summer activity, the Heart, Patio, and Barbecue Association found that 60% of people who grill do so all year round. There are a lot of grills available at the Home Depot bbq sale: from the kitchen smoker to the cast aluminum gas grill. If you?re interesting in upping your grilling game, though, there are some things to consider about what type of grill is best for your needs.

  • First question: what type of griller do you aspire to be? This is going to inform all your choices going forward. Do you just want to feed the family in the backyard, or do you want to take part in competitions? When you head down to the Home Depot bbq sale, are you thinking about doing some basic hotdogs and hamburgers, or are you salivating over the idea of steaks and rotisserie chicken? Do you relish the taste of charcoal, or do you want your food as fast as possible? Whatever your goal, there’s a grill to meet it.
  • Don?t pass up the basic workhorses. The classic grill, either gas or charcoal, will usually be perfectly suitable for your backyard, family, or even small party needs. The classic freestanding gas grill offers serious convenience and comes in a range of sizes for every need. Some people, though, find the the taste of charcoal superior enough to merit foregoing the convenience of the gas grill. And since 71% of Americans choose to use a grill and smoker specifically because they like the improved flavor, taste is clearly very important to us.
  • The gourmet gas grill can make the outdoors seem like the indoors. Gourmet gas grills are for the serious griller who wants to feed friends, family, and large private parties. These luxury gills can essentially give you a complete outdoor kitchen, and they can be installed directly into a back patio or deck.
  • Go for the kamado grill if you want to enter competitions. The kamado grill will let you smoke that brisket overnight and test out all your bbq sauce creations. Of course you can use this one for your big 4th of July blowout in the backyard, but if you?re serious about entering bbq competitions, this type of grill is the step up from classic backyard grills that you need.
  • Combine your grilling love with your sci-fi interests and get an infrared grill. Infrared grills are the newest innovation in home meat cooking technology, and their indirect heat allows for awesome searing that doesn?t destroy moistness. This usually results in juicer bbq. It?s also faster, too, as you can preheat the grill in record time.

More than 79% of Americans grilled in 2016, and that?s not a number that?s likely to change any time soon. You probably already have a grill: but now may be the time to consider upgrading your grill and expanding your backyard culinary horizons.