Brickell delivery

Whenever you think of pizza delivery Miami you probably imagine yourself picking up the phone, dialing a phone number and placing your order. However, with the advent of the Internet, Miami Beach delivery has actually came quite a long way. Now you can order food online miami and we’re not just talking about pizza either.

Brickell delivery now includes Chinese delivery Miami as well. This is great news for anyone who really enjoys Chinese food. Many people also appreciate the trivia that goes along with it. For instance, did you know that General Tso is considered to be the Chinese equivalent of General Sherman? Unfortunately, it’s not quite clear why the spicy chicken dish was named after him though.

Regardless of what type of Miami beach delivery you’re interested in enjoying for dinner tonight, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now easier than ever to place an order with your favorite restaurants in Miami, FL. If it’s pizza though, you may be interested to learn that food like this has been around since the Neolithic age. The first pizzeria in the U.S. was NYC’s Lombardi’s, which was established around the turn of the 20th Century.