Summer is coming on up. You have birthday parties, family gatherings, and long evenings on the patio to look forward to. How do you enjoy it?

For many Americans this means choosing the best seasonal drinks. There’s nothing quite like a delicious glass of wine on a quiet evening or a cold beer with a group of close friends. With so many unique brands out there, however, it can be tough narrowing down your options for the next get-together. You could try online wine sellers to try brands that aren’t available at your local store or try your hand at an independent brewery. Instead of being overwhelmed, embrace the unpredictable.

Wine, beer, spirits…which one reigns supreme? Upgrade your alcohol knowledge and take it with you to your next wine online shopping trip.

Wine Is A Classy Drink With Surprising Health Benefits

There’s a reason why wine has held strong throughout the centuries. It’s a rich, delicious drink that relaxes the heart and compliments any delicious dinner. Red wine is perhaps the most iconic, a perfect compliment to a steak or a quiet evening alone. White wine, however, is a common addition to many celebrations today. Your standard serving for red wine is five ounces — ongoing studies have analyzed the health benefits of a cup of wine several times per week, finding it great for heart health, low blood pressure, and even your immune system.

Beer Is A Varied, Delicious Drink That Matches Each Season Perfectly

For those that aren’t interested in perusing an online wine shop, beer is another fantastic choice that will keep you entertained for life. There are thousands of independent breweries in the United States, all adding their own twists to this tasty, bubbly brew. Are you someone that likes to try out seasonal beers to celebrate the change in seasons? Do you prefer to revisit the same brand with mild changes? A recent study found 65% of people aged 55 and older regularly drink liquor, beer, and wine.

Spirits Are A Fun Twist On Standard Drink Fare You Can Customize

For those that want to step away from wine and beer, spirits are wildly popular for how easy they are to customize. The National Survey On Drug Use And Health (or NSDUH) found 85% of adults have tried alcohol at least once in their lifetime. Spirits are regularly found in bars and celebrations, allowing people more control over the style and flavor of their fun night out. Tequila has a smoky aftertaste that pairs well with fruity drinks, while vodka and soda is practically a party staple. For some there’s nothing quite like a shot of whiskey to warm the belly.

The United States Is Enjoying Booming Independent Wine Business

Whether you want to look up wine deals online or try your hand at a seasonal summer brew, you’re in the right place. The United States is well-known around the world for its rich and varied alcohol culture. There are nearly 8,000 wineries across the country in all 50 states, though California remains the reigning champion. According to recent studies, between 70 and 75% of Millennials drink liquor, beer, or wine regularly. Online wine sellers can provide you with access to flavors and styles you might not get at your standard grocery store run.

A New Bottle Of Wine Can Make A Wonderful Gift To Yourself Or Others

For those that want to try their hand at online wine sellers, there are many places you can start. Pinot Grigio is one of the most iconic, considered an easy wine to fall in love with if you’re just starting out. For those that want something with an even more unique flavor, rose wine is both beautiful and tasty. You can even try your hand at older wine, as a common rule of thumb is that wine gets better and better the more it ages. Pour yourself a glass alongside some herb cheeses or sip some over pasta.

Online wine sellers have all you need and then some. What kind of drink will bring the best out of your summer?