Growlers for sale

A growler is a device that is often used to contain beer in a safe manner. Growlers have been around for quite a while and still remain very popular among beer drinkers. Many people are able to enjoy a beer while still living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, statistics from a 2001 study by the National Institutes of Health reported that moderate drinkers were twice as likely to maintain an exercise regimen when compared to those who did not drink. There are many types of awesome growlers out there. With that in mind, here are three types of growler upgrades that you’ll want to consider checking out.

  1. Personalized Growlers

    It’s understandable to want a growler that reflects your own taste. Considering that, many people prefer to have a few personalized growlers on hand. Having a personalized growler is a great display piece while also being beneficial for keeping beer properly contained. Statistics show that 14% of people in the United States drink beer at least one time per week. Considering that, you’ll love being able to show off a personalized growler among your close drinking buddies.
  2. Growlers Built From Stainless Steel

    Many people think of awesome growlers as those built from glass. However, there are a lot of people who would rather utilize a stainless steel growler. One benefit of having a stainless steel growler is not having to worry about your container breaking after being dropped. In addition, stainless steel growlers work exceptionally well for keeping a beverage at the proper temperature for long periods of time.
  3. Insulated Growlers

    Statistics show that 84% of those surveyed who consume craft beer prefer to choose their beverage depending on the season. While Summer is a great time to enjoy beer, it can be difficult to keep this beverage cooled properly. Those looking for awesome growlers to have during the warmer months of the year need to check out an insulated growler.

To summarize, there are several types of awesome growlers that you’ll want to check out. A personalized growler is a great way to give this container a bit of personality while setting it apart from other growlers in your collection. Many people prefer a stainless steel growler for both its ability to keep beer cool while also being incredibly durable. If you prefer drinking during warmer months, an insulated growler also works well for keeping beer cool, regardless of external temperatures.