Cheap paper cups

It wouldn’t take an alien visiting from another planet very long to realize just how important coffee has become to the American way of life. There are certainly dozens of things that can divide us, but you would be hard-pressed to find a single thing so many of us have in common more than a good cup of coffee.

From your big brand-named coffee shops to your local convenience stores, coffee–especially coffee on the go–is an integral part of the lives of many Americans. Many would even tell you that they just don’t know how they could even get through their daily lives without it. According to the most recent statistics, Americans will drink about 1.64 cups of coffee each day.

Once people find the location that gives them their coffee just the way they like it, it is very difficult to coax them into trying anything new. We are creatures of habit, and whether it be a special mug, a refillable tumbler, or disposable cups with lids, we must have our coffee. It’s become a way of living, and the coffee market reflects these tendencies.

The United States coffee market is estimated to be right around $48 billion, with just over 50% value share being comprised of specialty coffees. If you are involved in selling coffee, whether in a specialty coffee shop, a restaurant, or a convenient store, then you already know how much of your revenue is dependent upon delivering high-quality coffee to your customers.

Buying the right kind of coffee is certainly essential, but if you don’t have the proper cups with lids, stir sticks, and all of the other materials that go along with making it easy for your patrons to enjoy it, you will lose your customers to another establishment that is providing those essential things.

Most establishments that sell coffee, aside from certain types of restaurants, rely heavily on their coffee being sold to customers who prefer to take it to go. While to go coffee cups with lids vary in size and sometimes shape, the average coffee cup size is 9 ounces. Some are larger, of course, and some specialty coffee drinks like espresso and cappuccino might come in smaller cup sizes. What is certain, however, is that the majority of people who need their cup of joe in the mornings prefer it quick, hot, and served in a cup that can be taken into the world as they prepare to take on their day.

If you have a business that sells coffee of any sort, it is always a wise move to have a solid stock of cups with lids, stirrers, and protective sleeves always ready for your customers. There is no doubt about the fact that once people find a coffee they love served to them quickly and professionally, they will be loyal customers for a long time.

However, it would certainly be unwise to take your loyal customers for granted. A few trips into your business during which a customer can’t get the quality of service they have come to expect or the materials they need to have their coffee the way they like it will be all it will take for your customer to become someone else’s customer.

Quality coffee is a must, but don’t forget the cups with lids and other materials needed to make your business the one every customer wants to come back to again and again.