Italian cuisine is widely regarded as one of the most delicious and enjoyable. And while it may seem that your favorite decadent restaurant dishes would be impossible to recreate at home, there is hope for even the most unseasoned chefs! Italian cuisine, like any other form of cooking, just requires a little knowledge and a lot of practice. So if you’re ready to venture to Italy in your own home kitchen, consider these tips.

What makes Italian cuisine so delightful is the quality of its ingredients. While most dishes use very simple and accessible ingredients, the caliber of these ingredients is extremely high.

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Fresh ingredients make a tremendous difference for the taste buds and will elevate your dish to the next level. So skip any canned, frozen, or processed items and opt for fresh produce and meat whenever possible.

Similarly, Italian cooking relies on in-season ingredients. The season of a fruit, vegetable, or herb significantly impacts that ingredient’s taste, texture, and power in a dish. You want ingredients that are vibrantly colored and packed full of flavor. Keep an eye on what produce is in season and plan your meals accordingly.

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