What Every Great Ice Cream Shop Needs

People in the United States love ice cream. Research shows that nearly 9% of all milk produced in the United States will go into producing ice cream. It can be a very wise idea to open up an ice cream store of your own. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at how to actually open an […]

Summer and Frozen Treats A Match Made In Heaven

It is finally summer and people are looking to enjoy food and beverages that keep them cool in the hot weather. In fact, 90% of American households regularly indulge in some sort of frozen treat! If you are in the frozen yogurt or ice cream business then you understand how important it is to capitalize […]

Why is July National Ice Cream Month?

Like chess and polo, many different countries and even cities claim to have invented ice cream. Whatever its origins, ice cream has found a place in people’s hearts around the world. The U.S. even has a month specially dedicated to ice cream. But people don’t wait until July to indulge in their favorite sweet treat. […]