Gelato cup

It is finally summer and people are looking to enjoy food and beverages that keep them cool in the hot weather. In fact, 90% of American households regularly indulge in some sort of frozen treat! If you are in the frozen yogurt or ice cream business then you understand how important it is to capitalize on this time of year. So what can you do this summer to keep customers interested in coming back to your particular shop? Below are just a few ideas:

1. Customer Service – Customer service is a priority for most business owners, but have you thought about how you could improve customer service by using certain types of materials in your store? For instance, if you are a frozen yogurt business owner, have you thought about what your dessert cups are saying about your brand? Are they simply the cheapest dessert cups you can buy or are they making a statement about the environment you want your store to have? These questions do not have to stop with dessert cups; think about your ice cream spoons, lids, and other supplies too!

2. Social Media Campaigns – Being more accessible to your customers is a great way to increase business this summer. Use social media for free marketing campaigns where you can interact with your customers, gain interest with giveaways or teasers about upcoming events, and provide all of your necessary contact info. You can even use social media to teach your customers more about your product. For instance, do your customers know that ice cream contains over 50% more air after the churning process is complete?

3. Exciting New Flavors Ice cream and frozen yogurt have been around for quite some time, but that does not mean that your store cannot still be innovative about flavors. Do a quick social media poll to see what flavors are interesting to your customers and set yourself apart by doing something out of the box. Maybe your customers want to see a certain candy folded in to a classic vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or maybe they want an ice cream that reminds them of their favorite pie. As the business owner, you can be as creative as you want!

There were nearly 3,000 frozen yogurt stores in 2013, and that number has not been decreasing since. Americans love ice cream and frozen yogurt and that fact does not look to be changing any time soon. If you own an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, use this time of year to your advantage and reach customers in new and exciting ways!