Micro Greens and Edible Flowers Provide Delicious Accents to Your Meals

You may be familiar with baby spinach leaves and other types of baby greens. Micro greens, however, are seedlings, so they are even smaller. Micro greens have been available for 20-to-30 years, and you may have encountered them while dining at fine restaurants, shopping in specialty grocery stores, or watching gourmet cooking shows. Micro greens […]

How to Turn Your Humdrum Meals Into Fine Dining Extravaganzas

While high quality dining experiences are usually associated with top restaurants, it is possible to have an amazing, gourmet meal without the expense. Organic micro greens, for example, can bring that restaurant touch to your dishes without the need to go out. Considering that the average cost of a fine dining experience in the U.S […]

Cooking with edible flowers

Are you looking for new ways to mix things up in the kitchen? You should consider trying to cook with edible flowers for salads, basil crystals, candied flowers, crystallized flowers, and micro herbs. We do not usually think of it this way, but we actually eat a fair number of flowers, including cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, […]