Petite greens

You may be familiar with baby spinach leaves and other types of baby greens. Micro greens, however, are seedlings, so they are even smaller. Micro greens have been available for 20-to-30 years, and you may have encountered them while dining at fine restaurants, shopping in specialty grocery stores, or watching gourmet cooking shows.

Micro greens are a type of specialty produce, and provide a fresh, vibrant-flavored, and delicious addition to a variety of dishes. These include main courses, side dishes, soups, salads, and sandwiches.

There are probably a hundred different micro green varieties that include micro cucumber, daikon, radish, swiss chard, and wasabi. Adding micro greens to salads is also very popular, so perhaps you’ve already tasted them in this type of dish.

Edible flowers are another type of specialty produce. If you haven’t tasted them yet, you may want to add them to your list of culinary experiences. There are around 100 types of edible flowers that are used in desserts as well as other dishes.

Edible flowers can be used as teas, as well, and when they are sugared, can adorn cupcakes and wedding cakes. Just some of the edible flowers you may encounter at gourmet restaurants or bakeries include crystallized pansy, rose petal, and viola.

How a meal is presented is considered to be one of the more important facets of dining. The chefs at fine restaurants, as you are perhaps aware, are known for exquisite and artistic plating.

Were you aware that children prefer six different colors of food and seven different elements? Adults, on the other hand, prefer three different colors and elements. When you include micro greens and edible flowers to your meals at home, you may find that these meals are even more appealing.

If you would like to explore how to include micro greens and edible flowers with the meals that you prepare, there are a variety of cooking shows and cookbooks available that can guide you through this process. Since micro greens are difficult to grow, you will want to purchase them from an experienced grower.

When you purchase micro green varieties and edible flowers from an experienced grower, you can also ask them about menu tips. An experienced grower will also tell you how to preserve them at home. In general, they should be stored at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

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