Plastic tasting spoons

The famous saying may talk about apple pie, but there are few things more American than ice cream. That’s why the average American gets ice cream more than 28 times a year, or more than twice a month. That can make an ice cream shop or stand a good business opportunity to consider.

When it comes to desserts, there is little that can top ice cream. In any two week period, it’s estimated that about 40% of the U.S. public indulges in ice cream. No doubt, many people buy ice cream in bulk at the store, and a very small number make their own, but most people tend to go to a specialty ice cream shop to get their fix. That is one reason why owning your own ice cream shop can be lucrative.

Another reason to own an ice cream business is the relatively low overhead. Though you will need freezers, there isn’t a lot of specialized equipment you need to make and serve ice cream. You also don’t need a ton of space, as ice cream is typically a treat that people like to enjoy outside in warm weather. Most of the money you are likely to spend for an ice cream operation, other than rent for a space and labor costs, is the costs for the ingredients and the containers that you serve your ice cream in. It may not seem like a big deal, but selecting the right kind of containers can have a big effect on your business. There are a number of choices, such as paper ice cream cups, cones, plastic containers and the like. If you want to go for a more classy atmosphere, you can do away with disposable containers and use real silverware and containers. Keep in mind, though, that this can be a lot more expensive and will require more work on your part. Plus, even if you go this route, you still need to carry some disposable containers in stock for people who want their ice cream to go.

If you are trying to operate your ice cream business as inexpensively as possible, then disposable cups and silverware are definitely the way to go. They cost much less than reusable containers, and they also offer a lot more flexibility for both you and your customers.