5 Nuts and Seeds to Consume for Health Benefits

How do you get your fill of protein every day? Some people tend to eat plenty of meat products daily to fill their protein quota. However, there are so many other types of foods you can consume in order to meet the daily requirements for protein. Not only can you consume meat with each meal, […]

Why Has Peanut Butter Remained Such A Popular Staple In American Households?

Nuts and seeds make up a significant portion of our diet. Why? It could be the numerous health benefits that keep us turning time and time again to bulk peanut seeds and organic peanut oil. For some it’s the flavor that turns their eye every time they browse the grocery store aisle for their favorite […]

Americans and Our Love of Peanuts

If there’s one thing Americans of every race, political opinion, and religion can agree on, it’s that peanuts are awesome. We grow peanuts in larger amounts than anyone else in the world, and we are eating peanuts in enormous quantities, too. Peanuts and peanut products are 67% of all nuts being eaten in America, and […]