Regular hydration is the key to healthy living. Sounds basic enough, right?

Sadly, chronic dehydration remains one of the most common and most underappreciated issues in the country. That’s even before we touch on issues relating to bacterial contamination, hard water…the works! Your home water dispenser has more work to do than ever and it’s up to you to gain all the benefits of a cool glass. Commercial water cooler solutions exist all around you, even if it’s just checking on your filtration and making sure it’s up to par. Want to create a healthier lifestyle to look forward to before the year’s over?

Interesting facts about hydration, common water contaminants, and the benefits of a home water dispenser will all be explored below.

Fun Facts About The Human Body And Water

Did you know your body is made up of around 60% water? It’s not hard to see why you need to hydrate on a regular basis! Chronic dehydration remains a rampant issue among both children and adults, due in no small part to the high amounts of coffee and soda we drink. It’s recommended by the majority of today’s doctors and physicians to consume six to eight glasses of water a day. You can gain some water from fruit and vegetables, but the best way to be sure is to hydrate the old-fashioned way.

Daily Hydration Is Essential…But Are You Keeping Up?

Let’s keep going and learn more about chronic dehydration. This issue is often hard to spot and can be attributed to other factors entirely. Dehydration is caused when your total water count drops by 1% to 2%, with higher numbers associated with potential fainting spells and dizziness. You know you’re feeling dehydrated when you have a hard time concentrating and you’re feeling nauseous out of nowhere. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to confuse being hungry with being thirsty, eating when they should be guzzling a glass of water or two.

Hard Water Is Very Common And Very Easy To Fix

Perhaps you’re not drinking as much water as you should because of the state of your tap. You’re noticing a white or gray scum building up in your shower and you’re worried you could be putting some of that into your body. Fortunately, hard water is both easy to spot and even easier to fix. Over 80% of the country today has hard water build-up of some sort, with the most common minerals encountered being calcium and magnesium. A good filter can trap these minerals and keep them from entering your water. Not only will your sink and tubs look better…your next glass will taste better!

Bottled Water Is Expensive And Environmentally Stressful

Perhaps you’ve gone to the store and spent money on bottles or jugs of water to keep from dipping into your home filtration system. You might just be making things worse on yourself. Brita filtered water can sometimes contain up to 10,000 times the bacteria colony count as average tap water. That’s not even touching on all the extra plastic waste accumulated through plastic bottle purchases! While global consumption of bottled water has gone up by 10% these past few years, more people than ever are becoming aware of the benefits of the home water dispenser.

Creating A Plentiful And Healthy Water Supply

You’re probably wondering how much more water you can drink throughout the week. You might be asking just how bad your hard water build-up is. Your first order of business is to look into commercial water dispensers. These are designed to use a combination of filtration and reverse osmosis to create the cleanest, most reliable water quality possible. The average person in the United States is drinking 40% more water than 15 years ago, yet chronic dehydration remains as big a problem as ever.

Keep yourself fresh and healthy. See how an office water service for your business or home water dispenser can keep your water gorgeous year-round.