When you think of Louisiana, there are probably a few things that immediately come to mind. You’ll no doubt think of the glittering and raucous Mardi Gras celebration; Voodoo, alligators, but most importantly, the food. The food in Louisiana is legendary, and as much as other states try to mimic what the Bayou State does best, nothing compares to authentic cajun dishes served right in the Deep South. Jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish étouffée and boils, and po’ boy sandwiches are a must-have when visiting this lively and culturally-rich state.

History of Cajun Cuisine

The history of these dishes is just as rich as their taste, and if not for the Acadians, the world would be a less spicy and delicious place. In the early 18th century, these Acadians fled from Canada to the South, seeking refuge in the murky bayous and forests of Southern Louisiana. This group of people combined the cuisine of their homeland with that of the meats and ingredients they found in their new home of Louisiana, thus creating the cajun specialties we know and love today.

Cajun Seafood, the Delicious Benefits

Many eat cajun food for the flavor, but more and more people are realizing the amazing health benefits that come as result of eating these dishes. Approximately 88% of people who eat seafood claim it’s for the health benefits, and with the fish and other seafood that make up cajun specialties, these dishes are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to clean up their diet.

Of course, deep fried alligator and other heavily breaded cajun meals are probably not the healthiest options when it comes to cajun food, but there are plenty of other dishes that will get you the health benefits you are looking for. Crawfish are the perfect example. These tiny mudbugs provide a healthy, yet still hearty meal that won’t break the so-called calorie bank. Chowing down on a quarter pound of crawfish tail will only cost you a measly 82 calories. What better excuse do you have then to go treat yourself to a delicious meal of a crawfish boil or étouffée this weekend?

So the next time you find yourself enjoying an authentic cajun meal, don’t forget to thank the Acadians for their incredible culinary creations. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the savory and healthy flavors of cajun cuisine.