If you are someone (or know someone) who is in the midst of planning a food catering menu for an upcoming wedding or special occasion, you have come to the right place. When it comes to coordinating the menus for an event (such as the dinner catering menu or hors doeuvres menu) there are numerous options to choose from. In order to find the menu that’s right for you, it is important that you do your research with regards to food selection, cost and extra services. Keep in mind, that companies offer an array of services, and finding the company that best meets your food needs is important. Be sure to keep reading below for critical information in order to find good caterers that make your event as special as can be.

1. Be sure to ask for sample event menus, as certain options are less expensive than others.

Keep in mind, that when you use an off-site caterer, plated meals are often less expensive than a buffet or food stations. This is important to consider, as you need to plan in advance what type of meals you will offer at your event. Be sure to ask you potential caterer plating and pricing questions as you don’t want any surprises after the event.

2.Don’t be afraid to ask your potential caterer for the best ingredients – as there are endless event catering ideas to choose from.

Consider, that organic and sustainable ingredients are more and more popular, resulting in brides and grooms opting to have at least one green course on their menu. This can be great for a healthy start to a meal, or as a way to offer additional food options for those guests with health concerns or allergies.

3. Keep in mind, that the time of your event can impact the cost, but regardless, there are endless menus (i.e. hors doeuvres menu, brunch menu, dinner menu etc.) to choose from.

Consider, that when it comes to weddings in the day-time, they are less expensive and thus more popular. Resultantly, caterers are rising to the occasion, by offering brunch menus with mimosas, bloody Mary’s, omelets, and more. Thus, if cost is a concern, consider having a day event as you can still celebrate your event in style while meeting all your financial goals.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential caterer about their good safety law knowledge, after all food safety is a critical component for any catered event.

Be sure to ask your caterer questions about food safety, as a good caterer (and their staff) should be aware of and comply with the most-up-to-date laws in their particular state. Consider, that there are various safety laws in place to ensure that food is properly handled. Make sure your caterer is knowledgeable about these laws, as that shows they are experienced but also able to take care of your health-related concerns. For example, if you are creating an hors doeuvres menu for your event, the caterer should have ways to properly store the food.

If you found these tips helpful, then you are on the right track to finding the catering services that best meet your needs. When it comes to catering, be sure to keep the aforementioned facts in mind, as they are sure to help you find the catering service that best meets your food-related needs. Additionally, keep in mind, that the most important thing you can do is research potential options as caterers offer an array of food choices as well as varying costs and services. For example, some services have additional charges, while others are experts in hors doeuvres menu for an event. All in all, take your time in finding a caterer, as you want your event to be as special as possible.