Everyone has a dessert they love.

For some it’s a slice of apple pie they keep in the back of the fridge for when they get the late-night munchies. For others it’s a can of butter toffee peanuts to dig into when they’re feeling down. A dessert just about everyone can relate to in one form or another is ice cream. It’s cold, it’s tasty and it comes in so many varieties one couldn’t hope to try them all in one lifetime. Ice cream eateries and frozen yogurt shops have enjoyed steady success for decades now, but that’s no reason to get complacent. You want customers to choose you over the competition, after all.

What could your shop be missing that could be the key ingredient to future success?

Did You Know?

How popular is ice cream? According to the NPD Group over 40% of Americans will eat ice cream during any given two-week period. Additional data has suggested the average American could eat ice cream up to 30 times in a single year! When it comes to dessert that’s just as fun as it is delicious, ice cream tops the list without even trying. You can stack it, mix it, turn it into a shake or cover it in a hundred toppings. Ice cream shops do their best to cultivate this sense of whimsy in their frozen yogurt dessert supplies.

Custom Ice Cream Cups And Fun Dessert Cups

Helping your store stand out is as simple as taking another look at your custom ice cream cup. Does it have a bouncy and fun design that catches people’s eye? Does it communicate your brand’s intent in a way that’s both digestible and leaves them wanting more? There are over one and a half billion gallons of ice cream (as well as similar desserts) produced in the country every single year. As many as 90% of American households will regularly indulge in a sweet frozen treat. Dessert cups should put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’!

Tasting Spoons And Colored Spoons

Ice cream shops have a few iconic traits that pop up to mind. You have the colorful exterior, the glass cases protecting tubs of ice cream…and, of course, the tasting spoons that everyone looks forward to. There are dozens of unique ice cream flavors to try out, after all, and no customer wants to invest in one they’ll end up disliking! Tasting spoons are small enough to give each person who walks through the door the perfect bite to discover their new favorite. June remains the month the most ice cream is produced and, according to recent studies, nearly 10% of all the milk produced in the country is used to make frozen dessert.

Eco-Friendly Paper Drinking Straws And Napkins

Nothing quite catches a customer’s eye like the potential for a tasty dessert and an eco-friendly intent. Yes, environmentally sustainable brands are fast becoming the go-to way to make sure you’re not overlooked in a sea of competition. Customers want to know their dollar is going the extra mile and your products can give them a gentle reminder with little more than a glance. When your customer wants a smoothie they can take with them in the car or needs a few extra napkins to keep children from getting too messy, make sure to communicate your eco-friendly intent in the process.

Tips For Keeping Your Ice Cream Shop Relevant

How do you stay relevant when there are so many shops battling for attention? A good way to create a classic experience every time is to do just that. Don’t get too caught up in flashy trends and remind your customers why they’re dropping by your shop instead of heading to the grocery store. Tasting spoons are a way to get customers excited over something new and fun dessert cups can casually remind them to swing by again next time their cravings are talking. Make sure to have plenty of eco-friendly paper straws, napkins and cups on standby to ensure you’re always two steps ahead of the pack.

Dessert brings out the best in us. How will you bring out the best in your customers?