How do you know you’re eating the best Mexican food?

Depending on where you come from this might seem like a strange question. Surely good Mexican food on the go should speak for itself, right? Sadly, too many people today are unaware they could be eating more authentic cuisine. Real Mexican dishes are more than just a tasty alternative to your everyday diet, but a way to reach the coveted height of healthy, delicious, unique meals. If you’re looking for the best catering options for your next party or are just wanting a way to kill two birds with one stone, learning about authentic Mexican dishes is a journey you’ll be glad you took.

It’s time to play spot the difference. Let’s put your knowledge of authentic cuisine to the test!

You’re Aware Of The Most Popular Cuisine In America

Italian and Chinese food may have their fans, but when it comes to Mexican food? There’s one reigning champion. By the time 2011 rolled around there were over 38,000 Mexican restaurants dispersed across the United States. It’s estimated as many as one out of 10 restaurants sell Mexican food, cementing it as the most popular and widespread form of cuisine. Another study concluded at least 70% of American households use Mexican food and ingredients. Despite how common Mexican food on the go is, there is still a lack of knowledge as to what makes it truly legit.

You’re Familiar With All The Different Sauces

You know you’re eating authentic Mexican food when you know your different sauces. Called ‘moles’ in Spanish, these sauces add flavor and texture to any dish. The seven moles of Oaxaca include negro (black or chocolate mole), Coloradito (brown mole), Rojo (red mole), Amarillo, Verde, Chichilo and Manchamantel. Mexico itself is in the top four ‘megabiodiverse’ countries around the world, with as much as 70% of the diversity in the planet growing there. Is it any wonder why Mexican dishes are so incredibly varied?

You Know Mexican Food Offers More Than Just Burritos

While burritos are all fine and dandy, they’re far from the only type of Mexican cuisine you can enjoy in the given day. You have vegetarian enchiladas just bursting with flavor. You have tasty tamales to shake up your usual dinner routine. You have a fast casual restaurant that can deliver Mexican food on the go. The term enchilada isn’t even a new invention, having first been referenced in the United States back in 1885. Tortillas, both corn and flour, were first linked back to the Aztecs. To dine on Mexican food is to enjoy a little slice of history with every bite.

You Enjoy Stylistic, Local Blends

Another way to know authenticity is to recognize and celebrate all the unique local blends. Mexican food takes on different shapes and sizes depending on which part of the country you happen to be drifting in, with Tex-Mex easily the most popular variety. Cropping up in the 1940’s, Tex-Mex is widely considered to be one of the best examples of integration between the United State and Mexico. Tex-Mex places a heavier emphasis on beef and cheese, with just about everything thrown on the grill to give you that hearty taste of summer.

You Want Truly Authentic Mexican Cuisine

What’s a guaranteed way to determine whether or not you’re eating the best Mexican food in Miami? You want the real deal. That simple desire will lead you past your generic fast food chain and right into the heart of chefs that are bringing a slice of home with them in every dish they make. Even if you’re not truly convinced of Mexican food’s popularity, recent statistics will still beg to differ. Over 65,000 restaurants in the United States serve a burrito or a taco. Salsa has even become the number one condiment around the world, beating both ketchup and mayo.

Learning how to spot authentic Mexican food on the go takes time, but it’s time well spent.