Cleaning freak

If you are still living by the five second rule, you should refresh your food safety guidelines because that rule has been disproved by a High School aged student as of 2003. So much for the kitchen safety and sanitation rules! Some may wonder what the point of kitchen safety and sanitation laws are in nobody follows them! Since that rule is null and void, kitchen sanitation can be sustained by taking the FDA’s recommendation for kitchen hygiene and begin using commercial sanitizer along with one teaspoon of chlorine bleach and one quart of water to keep your surfaces of all kinds clean. While most people can say that they have utilized the five second rule, these food safety tips are more commonly ignored by women. Perhaps because they spend more time in the kitchen in general based of gender rules? Another ideal of the five second rule, is why and when to employ its use. Many ignore basic kitchen safety and sanitation when a sweet or tasty treat is dropped more so than any other time. Another safety tip many have failed to see is how a dogs saliva can help heal wounds. Sure we thought it was bacteria infected but instead it contains key ingredients to fight off much worse bacterial problems! By practicing safety and sanitation in the kitchen we are ensure that kitchen hygiene is being upheld and that we can all be healthier with kitchen safety and sanitation if we practice basic food safety solutions. By practicing kitchen safety and sanitation we can all benefit and all win!