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In the United States alone there are approximately 2.5 million weddings each year and the wedding industry itself is worth $40 billion annually. Bedouin wedding feasts sometimes feature roasted camel stuffed with sheep, chickens, fish, and eggs. Romans brides carried wheat to symbolize fertility, rosemary for the virility of the groom, and myrtle to symbolize long life. The tradition of a cake for the groom dates back to Colonial and Victorian times and was typically a dark fruit cake soaked in liquor because the traditional white cake was thought ‘too light’ for men. A typical wedding reception usually offers a complimentary champagne toast, an open bar, a cash bar, or a combination of both open and cash bars. For the lucky couples set to be wed, it is never too early to start planning for your big day with wedding catering Stamford.

Deciding on wedding caterers stamford has a lot to do with personal tastes of the bride to be and the groom combined with costs and menu selection. A lot of wedding catering Stamford companies will cater to any particular traditional dishes and also are accommodating to new ideas. Unless otherwise stated, catering Cambridge companies are more than willing to prepare elegant, delicious meals provided they have enough time to plan ahead. To get the ball rolling, contact a wedding catering stamford service and get some ideas on what they do offer and discuss any special requests you or your loved one might have for the wedding.

Most wedding catering Stamford companies are known throughout the wedding industry. To get some referrals, talk to event planners at the reception venue or even church officials who know of reputable wedding catering Stamford companies in the area. Some other valuable resources to consider when exploring wedding catering Stamford is to talk with friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, the mail man, a stranger, and everyone in between. Talk about how you are looking for a wedding catering Stamford service and you are most likely going to find somebody who rants and raves about a certain company. Having options is never a bad thing and having a few names of wedding catering Stamford companies to get insight from can prove to be a great resource. Be sure to take the time to sample the dishes as well, if you can, for reassurance purposes.