Los angeles taco catering

As wedding season quickly approaches, many brides are fine tuning the details for their perfect day. If you’re just getting started, fret not! Wedding planning can be a tricky situation that can leave even the most well-prepared bride with questions. Generally speaking, half of women planning their wedding realize that it’s more stressful than they imagined and spend around 11 hours each week planning it.

The list of preparations may seem endless and you’ll find yourself wondering:

Which dress should I wear?

Which photographer should I book?

How will I do my hair?

What will we serve at our reception?!

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, what is it that you’re left talking about later?

The food, which is why who you pick to cater your event is crucial. Most brides, around 56% of them, are most interested in providing amazing food at their wedding, and rightfully so! The food is not only the most talked about topic surrounding the wedding, but it’s one area that you really cannot leave to chance. On average, there are 165 wedding guests at each wedding and those guests are coming to celebrate your big day with delicious food and drinks.

Having such a large number of guests can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that there are event catering services that can help.

Did you know? One out of every ten restaurants in the United States sells Mexican food. That makes it the most popular cuisine in the country!
Americans consume over 4 billion tacos a year, so pleasing your guests with delicious Mexican cuisine will be a breeze, especially since nearly 234 million Americans used Mexican ingredients or ate Mexican food in 2016 alone! Plus, salsa has become the number one condiment used nationwide, passing ketchup and mayo, which were the seemingly most American condiments around! Not only that, but tortillas have been outselling hot dog buns since 2010.

Needless to say, tacos and taco parings have become an American staple.

You might be asking how do tacos come into play with your reception. It’s easy, they’re popular, easy to eat, and use delicious Mexican ingredients that people crave.

Consider having a taco bar at your wedding. This allows your guests to choose exactly which Mexican ingredients they want on their tacos and gives them the freedom to experiment with new things while sticking with something you know they’ll love.

Whether you’re looking for something to serve as the main meal or to end your wedding night with, having a taco bar is a great choice! Plus, if you’re not planning a formal event, having tacos can also allow for more casual catering too!

Be sure to check out your local caterers for a Mexican catering menu that will allow you to have delicious food that will leave your guests feeling excited and take away some of the pressure that comes with wedding planning!