Grass fed steaks and free range chicken

How much beef do you consume every year? Chicken? Fish? A recent report indicated that the average American actually consumes about 66.5 pounds of beef and 90 pounds of chicken of chicken every year. When it comes to fish, however, more and more Americans are adding it to their diet.

According to the U.S. Government of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s site, individual Americans consumed 15.5 pounds of fish and shellfish during 2015 alone. Furthermore, U.S. Dietary Guidelines indicate that in order to create a healthy weekly diet, it’s recommended for people to consume eight to 12 ounces of seafood.

When it’s salmon season, many Americans become excited to enjoy fresh, wild salmon. While they may still enjoy a plate of farmed salmon, there are different nutritive and fat levels to each type. The wild salmon that is caught during salmon season, for example, has fewer calories. The National Nutritional Database released data that indicated it has 32% less calories than farmed salmon. Farmed salmon also has over three times more saturated fat than its wild counterpart. It’s also interesting to note that a half fillet of wild salmon has roughly 13 grams of fat, while farmed salmon has an average of 27 grams of fat.

Have you experienced the taste of beef from grass-fed cows yet? Once you taste the difference between grass-fed beef and its grain-fed counterpart, there’s a good chance that you’ll always purchase grass-fed in the future. You may be interested to know that grass-fed beef has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids as well as more vitamin A and E. It also contains seven times more beta carotene. Given this, it’s surprising that less than three percent of beef sales within the United States are are for the grass-fed variety.

If you’re looking for wild caught Alaskan salmon, were you aware that you can purchase Alaskan salmon online? You can also purchase quality sustainable meats, such as Wagyu beef online. Since these items can be delivered directly to your home, just imagine the time and effort you’ll save. Since you won’t need to drive around town to locate specialty markets, you’ll be able to focus on learning and preparing new recipes for your friends and family.