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Micro greens are tasty accents that can be added to many different types of food for health benefits. Adding micro greens to salads can be an effective way of giving a boost to one’s diet. There are many ways to add these plants into dishes and foods. Different micro green varieties have been used in dining for over 20 years, and their popularity continues to grow as individuals look for ways to sample organic microgreens. Here are two ways to ensure extra microgreens make their way to various dishes at home.

Microgreens Can Be Added to a Variety of Fresh Dishes

When it comes to adding these little plants to food, micro green varieties can be incorporated into salads, sandwiches, and even shakes. They can provide a different and interesting flavor to any type of food, accenting the flavor and giving it a twist on taste. Since organic micro greens are healthy, and even a natural salad component, there is no reason for individuals on a diet to skimp on taste, or worry about incorporating too many extra calories. Adding microgreens to salads is a simple way to taste test different flavors. Organic micro greens are healthy and a tasty way of seasoning foods for added flavor that won’t compromise the dish itself.

Organic Microgreens Can Add Flavor to a Main Dish Such as Meat or Tofu

Some people might be looking for ways to add flavor to their main dish. For many people, this might be a meat product, such as fish, chicken, or even beef. For vegetarians and others who are on restrictive diets, they might be looking for a way to accent or spice up tofu or another dish that is made of soy or is otherwise not meat. By using micro greens, individuals add flavor and even make the dish look more attractive, since microgreens provide a hint of color. For those who cook or otherwise use tofu, microgreens can offer a great deal of flavor.

Microgreens Can Offer Benefits to Just About Any Food

Microgreens can be used to spice up any meal, from a breakfast shake to meat dishes at dinner. Although they are ideal for sandwiches and salads, they offer many health and flavor benefits in main dinner dishes, and even sides too. For example, adding microgreens to mashed potatoes can offer another level of flavor without too many extra, unneeded calories that might be present in other seasonings.