Hiring a catering company for a party or event is a great way to take the stresses of menu planning, cooking, preparing, and cleaning up off your hands. It’s the ultimate time and stress saver! But you must use some caution when choosing a catering company as they are absolutely not all created equal.

Your first step will of course be to determine what type or style of cuisine you want.

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There are catering companies of all varieties, so you can choose a menu that perfectly suits the taste buds of your guests!

Next, you want to consider your budget. While a catering service is an investment, it doesn’t have to suck you dry. Consider what you think is a reasonable price “per head,” and then draw up a budget accordingly. You can then search for a catering company in your area that falls into this budget bracket. This will allow you to devote more money to other areas of your party like decorations, party favors, and other special additions.