With spring at your doorstep and summer around the corner, it’s a great time to get back in touch with your favorite kind of drink.

Tasty lemonade for those warm days hits the spot like nothing else. You also can’t go wrong with some cold tea among friends. When you’re in need of an alcoholic kick, though, there are plenty of options to whet your throat. Wine online shopping has risen these past few years, buoyed by a populace that’s in need of a break just as much as they are healthier diets. Whether you consider yourself a newbie to liquor or a wine connoisseur, the list below might open your eyes…

Wine online shopping isn’t going anywhere. Let’s take a look at some popular types of liquor and how you can find the perfect supplement to enjoy the good weather with!

The Delicious Health Benefits Of Wine

You’ve likely heard a thing or two about the health benefits of a glass of red wine. Are any of these rumors true? You’ll be happy to know that science supports the claims, with several studies closely linking wine with reduced blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and happier moods. The standard serving for red wine is five ounces (and you’ll often find it with a classy dinner or evening snack). With over 7,000 wineries strewn across the country, you’ll have the pick of the litter when indulging in a little wine online shopping.

The Surprising Boon Of Summer Beer

Let’s say you also want to try your hand at some beer. Where should you start looking? A recent study found between 70% and 75% of Millennials actively drink beer or wine, with this number a little lower among Baby Boomers at 65%. The perfect type of beer for spring are pale ales — they’re smooth and light enough to fit the season, yet pair nicely with an orange or lemon peel. You can also try your hand at seasonal variations, usually available for just a few months at a time.

The Powerful Kick Of Vodka Mixtures

When wine is too strong and beer not strong enough, there’s only one liquor to turn to. Originating from Russia and created from potatoes, vodka is a silky smooth addition that will have your toes curling. The National Survey On Drug Use And Health (or NSDUH) saw 85% of adults having tried alcohol at least once in their lives. Vodka is popular for its ability to be easily mixed with different flavors and drink blends. You can try it in a fruity soda or mix it with crushed ice…the sky’s the limit!

The Smoky Finish Of Tasty Tequila

When vodka isn’t quite whetting your appetite and you want something else alongside your wine deals online, you turn to tequila. Just about any vacation isn’t complete without one of these gracing your picnic table. Its smoky finish pairs perfectly with fruity margaritas, though you can always do shots if you’re feeling brave! Many people today are becoming more bold with their drink choices in an effort to really appreciate the weather. What could a little tequila do to bring out the color in the trees?

Choosing The Right Drink To Pair With Your Spring And Summer

Whether you want to try online wine sellers or find the perfect six-pack of beer, you’re on the right track. Alcohol, in moderation, is a great addition to your diet and your overall wellness. It helps you relax and does a good job at reducing your risk for heart disease and high blood pressure, among other things. Wine online shopping will provide you a full selection with which to whet your appetite, from classic red wines to crisp white wines. Consider buying yourself an early birthday present or a gift for a weary acquaintance.

Your online wine shop has everything you need and more to make the next few months a hit!