Kitchen Safety and Sanitation can save lives!

If you are still living by the five second rule, you should refresh your food safety guidelines because that rule has been disproved by a High School aged student as of 2003. So much for the kitchen safety and sanitation rules! Some may wonder what the point of kitchen safety and sanitation laws are in […]

Taking the Big Leap Means a Lot More than Buying a Ring

In the United States alone there are approximately 2.5 million weddings each year and the wedding industry itself is worth $40 billion annually. Bedouin wedding feasts sometimes feature roasted camel stuffed with sheep, chickens, fish, and eggs. Romans brides carried wheat to symbolize fertility, rosemary for the virility of the groom, and myrtle to symbolize […]

I Learned to Cook Online

Cooking is my favorite thing to do. I always enjoyed cooking, but I did not learn to love it until I after I saw some free cooking videos online. In these free cooking videos recipes I had never dreamed up were introduced, one after another. I began to experiment in the kitchen and I then […]

Austin TX catering the premiere choice

When thinking about planning your next big party or event, find a company that specializes in catering in Austin Texas to take care of all your food service needs. There are several kinds of catering styles, there is on premise catering, where all the food is prepared at the event, off premises catering, where all […]

Experience A Cash Mob, Not A Flash Mob!

When looking for things to do in queen creek AZ people will find something for just about everyone during this trip. There are so many different options to not only keep tourists busy but also local residents. Local residents can enjoy many different restaurants in Queen Creek AZ. Queen Creek restaurants come in many different […]

Enroll In Courses For Handling Food To Avoid Hefty Health Code Violation Fines

At any restaurant within the country, restaurant health inspections can be expected two to four times per year. In most cases, these health inspections are unannounced, and not keeping up on food and sanitation can mean penalties for you and your employees. In order to avoid fines or even restaurant closures, you should ensure that […]

Dining in Denton TX

Denton is a city in Texas, located in Denton County. It is north of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, and houses the University of North Texas and Texas Womans University. It is the twenty seventh most populous state in Texas, and home to the North Texas state fair and Rodeo. The city of Denton employs […]

3 Huge Kids Food Safety Risks

The need parents hold for food safety for kids is high. If a child does not learn about food safety at an early age, he or she is likely to develop more than one bad habit. A bad habit when it comes to kids food safety could lead to a lot of illness. In fact, […]

Point of Use Water Coolers, The Best Option for So Many People

For those who do not know what a bottleless water dispenser is, it is a cooler unit that is pumped into a building’s water supply. The water is processed through a filtration system. No one has to lift a large unwieldy bottle for filtered water coolers and they are more environmentally friendly because 86 percent […]