The Tamale, A Food for Everyone Ready for a Challenge

Tamales are popular in America, even though they may not be as popular as the quesadilla. There is something about tamales, with their husk like wrap, which is, in itself, fascinating. This does not mean that everyone is a fan of it, but it contains all of the different food options as most other types […]

Cooking with edible flowers

Are you looking for new ways to mix things up in the kitchen? You should consider trying to cook with edible flowers for salads, basil crystals, candied flowers, crystallized flowers, and micro herbs. We do not usually think of it this way, but we actually eat a fair number of flowers, including cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, […]

The Skinny On Salsa Brands And The History Of Hummus

The world record, as recorded by Guinness, for the largest dish of hummus ever prepared had 8 tons of boiled chickpeas, 2 tons of tahini, along with 2 tons of lemon juice and 154 pounds of olive oil. This massive spread was a record breaking concoction that was meant to show off the dedication that […]

Understanding The Importance Of A Food Protection Certificate Could Mean Everything

When you have your employees take food and hygiene courses in order to obtain their food safety certification, one of the things they will learn about is that microwaving food does not actually terminate the existence of any bacteria that has landed or grown on the food. Sadly, the absence of food protection certificates and […]

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